Sunday, December 11, 2011

::24 days left::

Hey hey! The weekend flew by awfully fast!! Christmas will be here before you know it, then I'll be on a plane back to cold, cold, Iowa... Oh, how time flies...

Every few days, I'm gonna give you a little holiday guide to what's naughty and what's nice for Christmas. So, here's the first one:

Naughty: Sure, it's the season for Christmas parties and a festive wardrobe, but unless you wanna look like a girl who might be a pro around the North *ahem* pole, dressing like a ho, ho, ho, is a no, no, no. I'm sure you've heard the saying "if you've got it, flaunt it", but imagine how less appealing presents would be if they were just hanging out under the tree, completely unwrapped. It's the mystery that keeps this family-oriented holiday so magical, so no need to jump on the Polar Express to sexy town.

Nice: Be a modest Mary and a Classy Christmas carol! Holiday wardrobes are supposed to be injected with fun and glamour. December is all about tinsel, twinkle, and everything you can possibly think of with glitter, therefore giving you the excuse to wear sequins everyday! Don't be afraid to deck yourself out like a Christmas tree, with ornaments hanging from every limb. So go ahead, pile on the bows, bells, and get your "bling" on, just keep it tasteful.

Now that you've had a little holiday advice, I'm sure you're thinking "What has Haile been up to besides coming up with all these hilarious yet true holiday tips?" (C'mon, you know that is what's running through your mind...) Well! To tell you the truth... I haven't done anything that's all that exciting. My dad got a cold (how in the heck do you get a cold in FLORIDA?!) so we've just been hanging low this weekend.

Yesterday morning, we ate at this Cuban cafe for breakfast. I had a fabulous burrito consisting of eggs, bacon, and Venezuelan cheese. Suuuuper yummy! They also have fresh squeezed orange juice, which is always good. :)

OH! Speaking of orange juice... yes, my mind does wonder quite a lot so please excuse how I somehow end up changing the subject. See, I'm starting to change the subject already and I didn't even get to say what I wanted to say! AH! Okay, okay... back to the orange thing... I forgot to tell you that Friday we went to an orange grove! When you walk into the store, they immediately give you a sample of either orange juice or grapefruit juice, both are amazing. And yes, great service too :) Anyway, we bought some oranges and *wait for it* chocolate dipped potato chips! Randomest thing ever, right?! Turns out that they're DELICIOUS and sooo addictive!!! :D

So anyway, it rained today so it was nice to just stay inside. I'm loving the rain instead of snow! When it was just sprinkling, we went and sat in the hot tub for awhile. I then proceeded to jump in the pool. I don't know why I did it, cuz it was cold. But hey, it's the little random things that I do that make my life interesting :D It actually just started to rain as I'm writing this! What a crazy random happenstance! :) I also finished my Christmas cards and decorated my room a little bit. Like the lights??

I suppose that's all I have to say for tonight. I was in a rambling mood tonight, so just bear with me please.... I have my nights...

Oh crap, tomorrow is Monday... I hope something interesting happens...

Ciao! :)

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