Wednesday, December 7, 2011

::28 days left::

I don't even wanna waste time saying hello, I just wanna get to tellin' ya what's been happening! It's been a FANTABULOUS week so far!! You better hold on to your seat, cuz folks, you'll be blown away by my adventures (well I hope you're at least a bit thrilled...)!

So I'll start out with Monday... we hung out with our friends by the pool for a while in the morning/early afternoon. Dr. Pepper + chips and dip + chillin' by the pool = a very happy Haile. I love laying in the sun and snacking by the pool. Seth, my dad, and I were doing cannonballs in the pool and when Seth did one, he somehow stubbed his toe really hard! We still aren't sure if it's broken or just badly bruised... But then we decided that we wanted to go to the beach! We considered going to Cocoa Beach, or Indialantic, but since we've been to both before, Seth suggested we go somewhere new... and that's what we did! And so the adventures begin...

I'm actually not totally sure what the name of the beach was that we went to. It was also a nature center... we stopped at the nature center building and while we were there, we saw an alligator! First one I've seen in Florida! What a nice little surprise... think you're going to the beach but end up seeing an alligator on the way! :)

Can you see the alligator??

Once we actually got to the beach, we were like the only people there! There were about 2 surfers but that's it. The waters were extremely rough and it was pretty windy! Definitely not the ideal day for swimming in the ocean... but if you know us at all, you'd know that we did anyway... Just as we were about to leave, you'll never guess what happened to Seth. No, he didn't almost drown... He got stung by a jellyfish, a Portuguese Man Of War jellyfish to be exact, on his ankle! :O It wasn't terrible, but it was a pretty bad sting! They say jellyfish get blown closer to shore when it's windy out... I don't think I'll be in the ocean when it's windy again. Never. :)

We have too much  fun... :)

The jellyfish that stung Seth!

That brings me to Wednesday... *wait for it*...........*drumroll*...... DISNEY WORLD! One of the best days ever! :D We went to Magic Kingdom. 2 years ago, my family went to Germany and we saw the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is the castle that Walt Disney designed the Cinderella Castle after. I think it's cool that I've seen both of them :) Anyway, I rode pretty much all the rides, excluding the little kid ones... My favorite is Space Mountain. The whole roller coaster is in pitch dark, with surprising twists, turns, and strobe lights! Out of this world (no pun intended...)! Next was Splash Mountain... now I absolutely hate any rides that have a gravitational drop, but Splash mountain is a log ride with a 50 foot drop.... I was persuaded (or rather forced) to ride. Let's just say, I won't be doing that again... :) Another awesome thing we did was called Mickey's PhilharMagic Show! It was a 3-D short film :) Really, really cool!! Overall, it was a terrific, extraordinary, marvelous, wild day!!!!!!!! :D


We're so funny;D

Like my ears??:)

Today seemed pretty boring compared to what I've been doing! Seth and Alisa left this morning and I just did school for the rest of the day. My mom and I went to The Avenue and walked around for a bit. It was a nice, relaxing day though.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I didn't bore you too much :) By the way... can you believe Christmas is in 18 days?! It's almost 2012!!! Craziness!!!!!

Write later:)

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