Wednesday, November 23, 2011

::43 days left::

Hey y'all! Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving already?! And then Christmas will be here in no time at all! Crazy crazy!

Okay, so guess what! I got my phone todayy!!!! I was tracking it online, and it said it should be delivered by 3:00pm. Well the morning came and went, hour after hour I waited. 2:30, 2:40, 2:50, 3:00... 3:05, 3:15... still no package. I was starting to think that the stupid website was wrong. I'm not a very patient person, so I was just a nervous little thing! I played a few games on my Ipod, listened to music, got on the computer (which took all of 20 minutes...). Then around 4:20, someone knocked on the door. Little violins started playing and the imaginary choir sang hallelujah in my head. And so there it sat on the ground outside the door, the little one-pound box, staring up at me. Yes, I did take this situation very seriously. Don't judge. :D
Here's a picture of my phone... and yes, my background is an epic picture of the TARDIS. Pure awesomeness. And I'm trying to decide whether my ringer should be the Dr. Who theme song or Barney's Legendary Ringtone (from How I Met Your Mother, not the purple dinosaur)... what do you think? :)

I normally do not like pink... but I think it's pretty cute :) 

Anyway! So, I did more school today (big surprise...). But I didn't have too much to do which was good. I did a report on one of my favorite models, Coco Rocha. She's had a very interesting life! I totally hope my modeling gets as far as she has gotten! 

Then around lunch time, I sat by the pool and ate a ham sandwich for lunch. It was really nice and sunny, but after awhile it got overcast and a breeze picked up. So I got in the hot tub, but hey, I'm not complaining... it was still very pleasant! 

As I watched the new episode of America's Next Top Model, I enjoyed a bowl of Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream. It's my favorite :) For those of you who watched ANTM... Dominique should NOT have gone home!! Oh, I get riled up sometimes when I watch it! :P

Well, hopefully something interesting will happen tomorrow! Maybe it'll snow or something! Ha! Like that'll ever happen...


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