Saturday, November 19, 2011

::47 days left::

Hey hey hey! First Saturday in Florida was pretty great! First off, remember yesterday when I said I randomly went to the store to get cookie dough? Well, I went to the store, bought cookie dough but when I went to bake them, I DIDN'T HAVE A COOKIE SHEET!!! :( So yeah, no cookies last night...

Well, I won't linger on the sadness that overcame me last night so I'll tell you about today... I didn't really do a lot this morning, it was quite relaxing actually. I watched America's Next Top Model as I straightened my hair and put make-up on though! I just love those kind of mornings.

Then we went to the beach in Indialantic again. Along the beach are a bunch of hotels and condos. When we came to visit earlier this summer, we stayed at one of the hotels and worked a deal out with the manager... if we buy drinks/food there, then we can use the pool! So that's where we went. It was a little chilly though, so I didn't swim for long. We went walking the beach for awhile and I was taking pictures of the waves sweeping across the beach and following the footprints in the sand when it happened. I reached for my phone in my pocket... and IT WASN'T THERE! My heart skipped a beat. I immediately ran back to where I was but the water was especially high today and there was no way it would still be there. We walked up and down the beach hoping, praying that I'd see something purple half buried in the sand... but no such luck:( I still have to ask myself... if I had seen it floating in the water, would I have risked my life and ran to get it? Hmm...
So here I am, without a phone... Hopefully I can get a new phone soon, but for now all I have is the texting app on my iPod... I guess now I'll definitely be writing to my friends back home! :)

After that incident, we came back to the condo and my mom made nachos! We took them out to the pool (actually hot tub) and sat with my feet dangling in the water as I ate some delicious nachos and drank Peace Tea (the best!).
Peace Tea and nachos by the hot tub! :)

Did I ever mention that there are about a billion geckos here?! I swear every where you look, there's at least two hopping around! Definitely have to make sure that we keep our doors closed! And don't even get me started on all the bugs...

I've mentioned things about Dr. Who previously in my blog, but I haven't actually seen all the episodes. Quite a few of my friends are die-hard fans of it and convinced me to watch it (it didn't take a ton of convincing as I'm in love with people who have British accents). So I started watching it. From the very beginning. I just started the third episode of season one, so I'l keep you posted until I watch every. single. episode. :) So far I really like it. It's pretty weird but it's extremely entertaining!

Well, hope I haven't kept you too long! :)

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