Sunday, November 20, 2011

::46 days left::

Hey y'all! Well, well, well... It's Sunday. It was a lovely day. :) Went to church this morning, which was really nice! The music was awesome. It wasn't as much fun though without my friends there, so that made me pretty sad:( I swear I have THE BEST youth group back home...

After church, we decided to go to Cocoa Beach again! I'm pretty sure that's my  favorite beach :D Right when we got there, we found a restaurant called Shark Bites and ate there. I had a classic hamburger and it was delicious. Then we pretty much just walked up and down the beach, I took more pictures and just enjoyed the sun. It's gonna be so nice to be tanned for Christmas! haha. I just love hanging out on the beach. I can't wait til my friends come down here... it'll be even more fun!! I also got a pina colada shaved ice. I'll be getting one of those every time I go to Cocoa Beach. Then as we were leaving this guy gave me a rose he made out of palm frond. It's really cool!
     The beach<3

Handstand! Woot!

       The rose:)

It was a really chillaxed day! The only bad thing about Sundays is tomorrow is MONDAY. And you know what that means.... School, school, and more school. Blehh. But at least I can do my math by the pool in my bikini! Hmm, that doesn't sound that bad... :)

Day 1 without my phone... I'm pretty sure I'm slowly going insane... I'll keep you posted on how I'm holding up ;)

Well, I'm gonna go watch Dr. Who now! I believe I'm on the forth episode. I'm really enjoying it! :D

I just noticed I used quite a lot of smileys in this post... I must be feeling smiley tonight or something! haha I was tempted to put a smiley here but I stopped myself! I'm not that much of a smiler... I like to keep a little mystery behind the smile...

Time for me to peace out~

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