Saturday, November 26, 2011

::41 days left::

This post is for yesterday--->

Hey there! I'm terribly sorry that I didn't get a chance to write yesterday. It's already Friday, the week has just flown by!

For Thanksgiving, we just hung around the condo. The Proposal was on so I watched it and then a little bit of the Thanksgiving Day Parade after that. For lunch, we had the classic Thanksgiving food... some turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, green beans, and rolls. My mom makes the BEST stuffing. So good! After eating all that scrumptious food, we took a walk around the complex and decided to swim. I have never swam and layed out in the sun on Thanksgiving!! It was absolutely awesome! I definitely think that the holidays are going to be one of my favorite things about living here. I'm so glad it's not 30 degrees like it is back in Iowa.

The pool :)

Black Friday isn't Black Friday without a little shopping! So I got up kinda early and went to this outlet called The Avenue, which has a ton of stores. One of my favorite stores there is Charlotte Russe. And I also found a little boutique called Fashionably You, which had really cute dresses, shoes, and all kinds of accessories. I got some pretty sweet stuff! I just love awesome sales! ;) I even got a Dr. Who shirt! I went to the mall too and walked around for awhile. Shopping is quite tiring... I guess that's where they get the saying "shop til ya drop"...

 Dr. Who FTW! :D

My favorite shirt:)

Yes, I do love leopard print...

Knee high boots! :)

We ate at a restaurant called City Tropics and had chicken wings! I believe that chicken wings are my new favorite food. The bartender there made me a drink, similar to a Shirley Temple but he called it a Miley Cyrus (*laughter*). It was probably the best drink I've ever had! I think it had a lot of fruit juices in it... but he wouldn't tell me what it was! I still don't have a clue what it was... but I'll have to go back there soon so I can have it again!

My mystery drink:)

The wings at City Tropics didn't quite cut our craving for wings, so we went to Hooters a bit later. We had like THE HOTTEST wings they have... I love super hot wings, but there's a point where they're just not that good when it burns your entire mouth to the point of numbness. So I don't think I'll be getting the atomic 911 sauce again... :) Lesson learned: never accidentally breathe in the hot sauce. It burns.

I went out to the pool for a bit when I got home but it was actually a little too chilly to swim! Thank goodness for the hot tub!

Well, it's almost midnight... I suppose I shall at least try to get to bed at a decent hour. But what the heck, it's Friday night! :)


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