Monday, November 21, 2011

::45 days left::

Hey there! Well... it's Monday... Don't you just love Mondays?! I know I do... NOT! Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close to Monday? It's just not right... Oh well, I survived...

I didn't do a lot today, just stuck in the condo all day... doing nothing other than school work! It actually wasn't that bad. Here's a picture of where I do my work--->
Please ignore the Facebook page open on my computer... technically I was doing school cuz Facebook+texting=textbook... right? Mhmm, I'm so smart! ;)

Later in the afternoon when the sun was high and shining, I put my bikini on, walked out to the pool, and did my Spanish with my feet dangling in the water. The joys of Florida! It was somewhere in the 80s today... and back in Iowa I'm sure it didn't even reach 50 degrees! I think I'm really gonna enjoy Christmas here...

When I was walking around the condos, I found the weirdest, most random thing. Canned snow!! My mind = blown. I have no clue what it looks like or how it works. I'm gonna wait til Christmas to 'make' it. And I'll let you know what happens...

I think I'm gonna go watch Dr. Who now. I started watching it last night, but then switched to Ouran High School Host Club. Pretty much just a dumb, entertaining anime show. But I'm goin' back to Dr. Who tonight! :)


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