Saturday, November 19, 2011

::48 days left::

I wrote this last night but didn't get it posted! So this is about YESTERDAY:)

Hiyaa! So what a nice day it's been! I finally finished my room! Pictures beloww--->

<--- I sleep in this bed :)

I'm still putting pics up...

Sorry I couldn't flip this...

What do you think?:) I love rearranging my room! Especially while I'm watching reruns of America's Next Top Model (my favorite show!). 

Later, we drove around for awhile, getting familiar with the area and finding some cool places and stuff. For lunch, we ate at this fabulous restaurant called the Broken Barrel. I had habanero honey chicken wings! Super yummy:) I'll definitely be going back there to eat! Then we went to Historic Downtown Melbourne and walked around! A lot of really cute stores there that I'm totally in love with! I came across a store called The Pink Pineapple. It's such a cute and whimsical store! Everything in that store fits my personality. It's just amazing. :) Another one of my favorite stores is a British Store. They had everything that's sold in the UK!! Finding a TON of Dr. Who stuff in there made my day. I also found an awesome Zippo lighter that had a British flag on it... I plan on going back to buy it. I think I'm gonna start a collection of lighters! Good idea, huh? :D Anyway! We stopped at this other restaurant (can't remember the name...) that had some yummy-looking pizza and had a slice. It was really good! And my parents swear the guy that worked there was hitting on me... but whatever! :P

We went to Indialantic, which is basically a little town on the coast. We were gonna walk along the beach there but it was REALLY windy and actually quite chilly! So I just got a caramel macchiato from Starbucks and went back to the condo. Since it was chilly, I decided to go down to the hot tub. Nothing beats sitting in a hot tub on a chilly night, listening to my iPod and drinking a Coke!

I watched Dr. Who a little earlier, now just finished up watching Criminal Minds. I'm actually gonna run to the store now and get some cookie dough and pretzel M&Ms! Hey, it's Friday night! :D 

Peace out~

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